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Meet the founder, Penny Foote!

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I'm curiously, and deeply passionate about both restorative yoga and music, so much so, that I founded Momma Zen’s - Music, Yoga and Designs, a boutique that since 2012 has served both the yoga, wellness and entertainment communities!

My goal…, I wanted to bring the benefits I found in my restorative yoga practice and work with live music to enhance the experience of the practice, bringing it to Metro West Boston. I had no idea that sharing this amazing practice would allow my teaching to grow so steadily, and have such an impact on the lives of my students. I am grateful to be able to offer Restorative yoga, meditation and music to the community.


Trainings for Yoga Teachers & Body Workers:

Are you a yoga teacher? Looking to dive even deeper with your yin, gentle, meditation, slow flow & restorative yoga classes?

Guided Zen Restorative Yoga Teacher Training