What you need to practice yoga at home

Cultivating A Home Yoga Practice

An in-home practice is very rewarding. All you really need is a little clear space on the floor where you can roll from side to side!


Props you'll want to invest in:

  • bolster or 2-3 pillows 
  • 3-5 blankets 
  • 2 blocks 
  • your yoga mat
  • potentially a meditation cushion

Setting the Mood & Atmosphere

Consider all of your senses and  make your space feel truly special. You might even add the following if they bring comfort:

pablo (4).png
  • incense
  • candles
  • salt lamp
  • music
  • a special picture or image
  • a plant or flower



You can also take your home practice with you anywhere, Savasana, or Corpse Pose is an asana that is the perfect traveling pose!

The foundation of a basic savasana:

Lie flat on your back with the heels spread as wide as the yoga mat and the arms at the sides of the body, palms facing upward. 

Cultivate Space & Time for Self-Care

Ultimately, by creating the space and time for a personal yoga practcie at home, or while traveling invites you deeper into your connection with peace, breath and resilience. 

Have questions about practicing at home or privately?