I honor my spirit and true nature

If we don't deal with the heart, the body suffers. Penny L. Foote

How many times over the past years have I run a negative tape in my mind over and over, or let my defenses down and let an old insecurity creep back up after I thought it was laid to rest.

The tapes play over and over again:

 I’m not smart enough, I hate my body, I’m so stressed out, I hate my hair, my job sucks, I can’t do it, I have no friends…

all these tapes are powerful and not only agitate the mind, but the negativity infects the body with stress and tension! I’m not good enough and these kinds of tapes do not honor my spirit and true nature.

Quite the opposite.

The effects are very damaging and one tape looping over another gets our minds in overdrive and thus we suffer a truth that is really a lie. We can’t see clearly anymore, we believe the lies as truths and judge ourselves- we actually FORGET who we really are .

I did this for years and years. I think the connection between the mind and body is one we should NOT overlook.

How yoga can help us break the loop


Yoga can open and expose all this so we can live free and happy in who we are with our “faults” and all. Poses are body language. What I mean by this is that our posture is often effected by our thoughts and feelings. If you are self-protecting, one may round the back and hunch over to protect the heart.

 I find that yoga reverses this in a pose like fish… we lay with our heart OPEN in the pose, EXPOSED… breathing and relaxing into the pose, kinda like easing into opening little by little.  

Hip openers are another fantastic tool where lot’s of the LETTING GO. In these shapes (which get a huge applause from me) , we can unravel some of the built-up effects from the "monkey" mind and a clearing can happen. Poses can ultimately unravel, retrain and open us to a whole new, ore spacious world.

A kinder world of honoring our spirit and true nature.


Give it a try! Check out a Body Remedy class near you!

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